Requirements description

We were to create a unique online store where a specific target audience could easily choose the necessary item that fits in style and look

Created 23 prototypes

While creating prototypes we took into consideration the multiple platforms a visitor uses, as well as peculiarities of the target audience in the fashion world

The following requirements were taken into account:

  • 1Very spacious pages
  • 2The site will contain
  • 3The items should compose the looks

Thorough elaboration of all interior pages

For this project we created 25 interior pages, adaptable version of site, as well as prepared the site for load and big amount of data

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Search with autocompletion

Search suggestion

autocompletion description

Convenient filter of items in the catalogue

A feature of the filter is the interdependence of values in neighboring attributes.


A user can add the fancied item to the wishlist and get back to it in their personal account.


Similar items

Items configuration


Online payment

All cards are accepted here


My size

In this section the user can indicate their size for more convenient filtering throughout the catalogue.


Hidden functionality

In this project, about 60% of the development time was spent on programming of hidden logics. This is firstly due to the peculiarityof the pricing policy and the complexity of the range of products, secondly, due to the fact that the data on the site must be extremely precise. The target audience is very fastidious. Many offline sales points also affected the complexity of the project.

  • 1Integration with 1C catalogue and orders
  • 2Shopping cart pricing rules
  • 3Robustness against load
  • 4Items merchandizing
  • 5Multiplicity of languages and currencies
  • 6E-mail and message notifications


The site is responsive to mobile phones, tablets and desktops

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