Requirements description

To implement multiple nuances when selecting and searching for the desired gem throughout the catalogue, but, at the same time, not to overload the user.

gems mac
gems prototape

Development of prototypes

Having analyzed what competitors offer, we came to the conclusion that there is no need to rely on the specifics of the industry, but rather use the standard approaches towards the filters and items configuration

Focus on the following:

  • 1less pages, more interaction
  • 2More nice pictures of gems
  • 3Filters to suit every taste

Thorough elaboration of all interior pages

We created 28 layouts of interior pages, some of them had several versions. After the launch, some pages were redesigned.

gems page gems page gems page gems page gems page gems page gems page

Call Back

Change currency


Navigation by gems

You can find any gem by their name and colour

Quick choice section

Available selection of gem by certain parameters, e.g. cut, manufacturer, zodiac sign.

New arrivals

For more interaction, the new arrivals section is on the main page.


Owing to the regular positive feedback, the loyalty to brand increases

gems page
gems page

Gems selection filter

You can find the necessary gem even for the unique article

Quick view

View of all available cuts, sizes and colours of the selected gem.

Recently viewed items

gems page

Item page

Section with item modification choice

There were many modifications even for the specific gem, which lead to the necessity of developing this 'navigator'.

'Accessories' section

In order to increase the average sum of the check, the items upsell section was added

gems page


In order not to scare user with multiple questions and settings, the cart page is split into 4 steps.

Express order

Delivery payment

Information on delivery

Payment method choice

Purchase confirmation

  • Integration with 1C1
  • Conversion of grams into carats2

Hidden functionality

The peculiarity of gemstone industry lies in multiple nuances that should be taken into consideration when selecting a gem. Another difficulty is in the different measures of weight - grams and carats. In addition - much time was devoted to thinking through the architecture so that on the one hand to include maximum functionality, but on the other hand - not to overload it with multiple settings.

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