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Requirement description

Configure complex filters, make а non-stop search, fulfill the recommendations of SEO specialists, integrate the blog into WP, make responsive to retina displays.
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Sense Production

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Configuting all intetior pages

Multiple third-party modeles were used for the project, which made the task more complex, since
we had to think about backwards compatibility of new features.

ladyshop page ladyshop page ladyshop page ladyshop page ladyshop page ladyshop page

Drop-down search

ladyshop page ladyshop page
ladyshop page

Convenient filters

Items sorting

Non -standard sorting with possibility to select the items on sale, in-stock items being on the top of the list.

SEO blocks on the categories page

Special blocks for promotion of filter pages are foreseen.

Items of the same brand

For easier navigation, all series ("Line of products") of the same brand product are displayed .

Section with articles from blog

Articles regarding a brand are automatically displayed fron the WordPress blog.

ladyshop page

Delovery cost

Items configuration

ladyshop page
  • Smart search1
  • Smart filters2
  • SEO sections3

Hiden functionaluty

Multiple marketing rules and discounts , different items configurations, integration with CPM made the execution of new tasks more complex. the previously installed modules and custom logic slowed down the release of new features. However, with time the amount of new code surpassed the necessary % and the releases were on a regular basis.


The site is responsive to any device/display and operating system.

ladyshop page
ladyshop page

In this project, we participated only as the executors for the software part of the project.

ladyshop page

Sense Production team worked on the design

I wasnt design from

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