Requirements description

Since MIGLIORY specializes in sewing individual models of shoes, our task was to create a tool (designer) where each person feels themselves as an individuality


Started from prototypes

Taking into consideration the specificity of the target audience and the image compound of the brand, er decided to focus on large icons.

Key factors:

  • 1Easy to navigate
  • 2Focus on shoes designer
  • 3Big visual images

Thorough elaboration of all interior pages

We created 15 interior pages, responsive site version for the project, as well as we were totally in the control of all development stages.

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Shoes designer

The user can feel themselves as the designer of their shoes-to-be. this gives them the understanding the company can manufacture the order of any complexity.

Page features:

  • 1Quick shift to another shoes model
  • 2Instant visualization of the selected object
  • 3Quick view of selected features

Items catalogue

Possibility to choose the ready-made pair of shoes from the catalogue

It is possible to:

  • 1Make quick order from the catalogue page
  • 2Select the convenient way of items sorting

Item page

User can select the necessary shoe size, select accompanying items, look through item photos, leave feedback

Page Functionality

  • 1Possibility to take a closer look at the selected model
  • 2Possibility to make a quick order by filling in the form
  • 3 Convenient way to choose shoe size

Contact page

Created contact page for fast contact with the tailor.

Page functionality

  • 1Convenient form for the backward communication
  • 2Location map with zoom
  • Integration with amoCRM1
  • Forming and order from the shoes designer2
  • E-mail digest/notifications?3

Additional functions

The funnel of the service system configured in amoCRM was integrated to configure the sales system, i.e. users on different phases of the visit - item, shopping cart, contact info - are sent to a certain stage in the CPM, where they are further processed by special managers.


The site looks great on screens of all sizes


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