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Responsibilities description

Make it possible to perform a full cycle of medical care online, from buying drugs, to making an appointment and consulting with real doctors, and maintaining personal records.

54 prototypes prepared

The maximum simplicity of interfaces for inexperienced PC users was considered as an important emphasis.


  • 1Medical brevity
  • 2Light and easy layout
  • 3Emphasis on treatment

Thorough elaboration of all interior pages

For this project we created 55 interior pages, esponsive version of site for mobiles and tablets

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Developed catalogues

We created 3 catalogues for the progect: catalogue of doctors, clinics, items


Catalogue of doctors

The catalogue of all the doctors on the site was created for convenient search of the necessary doctor.

  • 1Convenient filter on location, specialization and among selected
  • 2Infornation in the doctor, rating, possibility to schedule appointment
  • 3Add to favorites?

Catalogue of clinics

Each clinic has its own card with the detailed information

  • 1Convenient filter on location, specialization and among selected
  • 2Information on clinic, rating, online scheduling of an appointment
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Items catalogue

We created typical online catalogue of medicinal drugs to choose the necessary item was created.



Item page

The user can receive full information from the instruction to reviews in the item card

  • 1Multiple currencies and multiple languages
  • 2Adding the item to the wishlist
  • 3Choosing the payment method
  • 4Item description with possibility of downloading the instruction






Patient's personal area

Each patient has their personal account for comprehensive usage of the system

My user account

Having logged in to their account a user can manage their profile and see the short info of other sections


Course of treatment

We developed a treatment system so that the patient could easily track all the necessary information about their treatment, monitor the indicators, their dynamics. Each patient has the opportunity to take the medication according to the consumation table (or tables) according to the schedule, and follow the automatic prompts of the system that intellectually controls the course.

Courses of treatment

Here, the user can create a new treatment or undergo through the existing one. This is the entrance page in the treatment system. It is convenient to go into internal subsections from it.


Method of treatment

On the technique page, the patient can learn how exactly they should use the prescribed treatment set and its application schedule.

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Treatment features

Here the user can fill in their treatment records on a regular basis and observe their dynamics, both in tabular form and on charts, as well as see notifications of deviations from the norm.


Treatment Set

On this page, the patient can observe information about the set of drugs that are part of his treatment course, as well as read the list of recommended products

Loyalty system

In order for patients to come back for another purchase and services, a loyalty system is introduced,Where most activities are awarded with points that can be successfully spent in the system.


Referral system

Of course, there's opportunity to implement such an important tool for promoting products as a referral system, where each participant can become a distributor of products and gain their benefit.


Doctor's account

For the Doctor role of the user in the system there's a separate personal account, where there are a number of system management functions on the part of this user. These are an online consultation and monitoring of treatment courses and referral systems and many more ..

Account page

For a correct and comprehensive presentation of the doctor, each of them has a page where they describe all their specialties and other necessary information.



This opportunity allows the doctor and patient to freely plan their time and negotiate, and then conduct a comprehensive face-to-face consultation.



The site looks great on monitors of any size, and any platform.

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