e-commerce platform of the leading mobile operator vodafone ukraine


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E-commerce platform Vodafone is the leading mobile operator in Ukraine, which serves 20.9 million subscribers.


Detailed development of all internal pages

We’ve created 20 internal pages as well as an adaptive site version. All the stages of development were fully controlled.

vodafon screenshot   vodafon screenshotvodafon screenshotvodafon screenshot vodafon screenshot vodafon screenshot vodafon screenshot


pragmatec home

extended product card

Make it possible to have many promotional mechanics at the same time

vodafone menu


The block of changes on the site makes the page more dynamic and pushes the visitor to take some action.

Content columns

Each performs its own task for its target audience.

Interactive map

Displays the city from which the visitor came, helps to find the store and find out the necessary information about it.

vodafone menu

Subscription with segmentation

mega menu

The entire catalog is hidden in a structured menu


product catalog


Catalog filtering

Ajax + SEO s the perfect mix. Individual for each category.

Built-in advertising

Banner display management system.

Lots of labels

An additional tool for managing visitor attention.

Ajax products uploading

Viewed products

Simplifies navigation and increases conversion

product page

vodafone product page

Additional sales

Standard opportunity to increase the check for retail

vodafone gifs

delivery calculation

Intelligent calculation of delivery time based on the product and buyer location

vodafone gifs

Extended feedback

Stars, voting, answers, hierarchy

vodafone together cheaper

Suitable accessories

Based on the rules of selection for each product

view the set

Instant calculation of total savings

vodafone together cheaper
vodafone together cheaper

portal page

Ability to create a page with a page builder.

All promotions

The ability to filter, view products and conditions of the promotion.

Shopping cart

persp cart

Choosing a gift

Cross-sale goods

Are selected automatically by rules.


Authorization by sms

vodafone together cheaper

Authorization by sms

with delivery services

API communication, as well as user geo-location.

vodafone together cheaper
vodafone gifs

Loan mechanics

Everything is online, without additional calls and redirects.

about successful order

All steps of order fulfillment are broadcast by SMS.

vodafone together cheaper
vodafone gifs

personal cabinet


Address management

Gives the chance to save time at repeated purchases.

about of each order

Status synchronization. Order cancellation. Re-order.

p page
p page

Address management

Gives the chance to save time at repeated purchases.

Subscription management

Segmentation according to the interests of everyone

Soundmag page

Integration with 1C


Download speed optimization


Not visual functional

Online booking of a workplace in coworking with calculation of cost for each hour. Interactive map with the choice of the necessary place in the hall.

vodafone adaptive


The site looks great on screens of any size and different platforms

We participated in this project only as a contractor for the software part of the project

vodafon screenshot

The guys from Sense Production worked on the design

I want a design from Sense.pro

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